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Stake Sides & Parts

Part No: SJ8546

Stake Side Kit for 4 x 8 Trailers - Black SJ8546

RedTrailers.comEach – US$229.55

Part No: SJ8544

Stake Side Kit for 5 x 8 Trailers - Black SJ8544

RedTrailers.comEach – US$229.55

Part No: SJ8546-A8B

Steel Stake Side Upright - Black #SJ8546-A8B

RedTrailers.comPACK OF 8 – US$105.55

Part No: B2373G-10

(10) POCKET,STAKE,STR,BOLT ON,2-1/DEPTH,3 X 1-1/2, 1/8" THK #B2373G-10

SmithEach – US$30.55

Part No: 45004G

Galvanized Stake Pockets #45004G Stake Pocket, 2-1/2"T x 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" ID, 11 Gauge

SmithPackage of 8 – US$30.55

Part No: 1202

Trailer Stake Pocket Set #1202 3-1/2" x 1-11/16" ( Set of 8 )

RedTrailers.compackage of (8) of them – US$30.55

Part No: SJ8546-A5B

Steel Stake Side Upright - Black #SJ8546-A5B

RedTrailers.comEach – US$15.55

Part No: 383CB

RedTrailers.Com Corner Stake Rack Connector Set (4) # 383CB (B2591BZ)

RedTrailers.comEach – US$10.55


RedTrailer Pin & Clip Lock for Stake Side Kits # SJ85-PINLOCK

RedTrailers.comEach – US$8.55

Part No: F103

1/2" Spring Latch Assembly with Keeper #F103 Just Like (B2590RH)

RedTrailers.comEach – US$7.55

Part No: 38402

Corner Security Latch Set #38402 This Is Like(B2589BZ)

RedTrailers.comEach – US$14.99  ON SALE for only US$7.55  SAVE US$7.44!

Part No: 385

Straight Side Rack Connector Set 385# Is Like (#B2588BZ)

RedTrailers.comEach – US$7.55

Part No: 38401

Straight Side Security Latch Set #38401 Is Like(B2588BZ)

RedTrailers.comEach – US$7.55

Part No: BU19CH54


Buyers Product #19CH545 19 Cylinder With Ch545 Lock and Key

RedTrailers.comEach – US$4.55

Part No: 45004GS

Galvanized Stake Pockets #45004GS Stake Pocket, 2-1/2"T x 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" ID, 11 Gauge

SmithEach – US$4.55

Part No: SJ8510-25

RedTrailer Individual Trailer Stake Pocket #SJ8510-25

RedTrailers.comEach – US$4.55

Part No: SJ851011-SAB

Corner Support Bracket #SJ851011-SAB

RedTrailers.comEach – US$3.55

Part No: C83072

Curt Weld On Stake Pocket, 1-5/8" x 3-1/2", Raw #83072

CurtEach – US$3.55

Part No: P1302328

RedTrailer Pin 3/8" x3.25"For Center Stake pocket #P1302318

RedTrailers.comEach – US$3.55

Part No: SJ8544-A10

Stake Pockets - Black SJ8544-A10

RedTrailers.comEach – US$3.55

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