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Kendon BB207
Stand-Up™ Dual Trailer

Kendon BB207
Stand-Up™ Dual Trailer
  • Standard Color — Black
  • Paint/Coating — Powder Coated
  • Frame Material — Steel Tubing
  • Deck Area — 60" x 84"
  • Deck/Platform Type — Aluminum Diamond Plate (.063 Gage)
  • Deck/Platform Height — 13"
  • Weight — 420 lbs
  • Load Capacity — 2,000 lbs
  • Maximum Length — 123"
  • Width — 86"
  • Depth — 27"
  • Standing Height — 93½"
  • Length from Front Tire to Rear Axle — 95-98" (Max Bike Measurement)
  • Width Between Fenders — 71"
  • Width Between Rails — 40" center-to-center (removable)
  • Wheel/Tire Size — ST175/80D13 13"/Bias Ply
  • Wheel/Rim Type — 8-Spoke Chrome/Steel
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern — 5-on-4½
  • Hitch Class — Class 2 or Higher (recommended)
  • Hitch Height — 21" - 22"
  • Coupler/Ball Size — 2" Coupler - Requires 2" Ball
  • Ramps - Qty/Size — 1 Ramp - 45" x 10½" (included)
  • Electrical Connector — 4-Pin Flat
  • Suspension Type — Independent Torsion Suspension
  • Suspension Mounts — Double Mounting Brackets
  • End-Units/Hubs — Removable Spindle - SuperLube
  • Tongue Weight — 10% - 15% of Total Load Weight (approximate)

  • Kendon Trailers — Key Features and Benefits:

    • #1 Choice of Industry Professionals.
    • Industry leader of original patented, fold up, Stand-Up™ design. Proven performance since 1991.
    • Aerodynamic design for less drag and maximum fuel efficiency.
    • Patented and proprietary Tie Down Engineering Torsion Axle with tuned independent suspension and replaceable spindles. Less Flex. Superior Ride.
    • Triangulated round tube Chassis with integrated box beam mount axle. Axle is a stressed component of the chassis delivering higher torsional and vertical stability over traditional trailer designs. It's stronger! Made in USA
    • Light Weight, High Strength with High Load Carrying Capacity delivers easy maneuverability and superior towing performance. Less Weight = Higher MPG.
    • Easy to fold up and stand up for storage requiring minimal space.
    • Exceptionally smooth ride. Nothing tows like a Kendon.
    • Kendon Trailers can be rebuilt and upgraded. Replacement and upgrade parts are available.
    • 1-year trailer manufacturer's warranty and limited 5 year axle manufacturer's warranty.
    • Hand crafted in the USA (Anaheim, CA) using American Steel.

  • Kendon Folding Trailers — New and Improved for 2014:

    2014 Kendon Folding Trailers deliver an easier loading and unloading experience, a smoother ride and increased tire reliability with less rolling resistance and higher wear that delivers higher MPG.

    • NEW Raised Rail Guidance System with Oversized Tubing
      You simply cannot see the front wheel of some of the heavy weight touring bikes for loading and unloading. The new design provides superior guidance of the front wheel into and out of the wheel chock.
    • NEW Wheel Chock with Changed Leverage and New Pivot Point
      Easier to pull a super heavyweight bike out of the wheel chock when unloading. New contour design hugs closer to the tire giving greater clearance for chin fairings and low fenders.
    • 13" Radial Tires on Chrome Wheels as Standard Equipment
      Standard equipment on all 2014 Kendon Trailers. Softer, smoother and quieter ride (you'll feel it). Improved fuel economy, wider flat footprint for better tire wear, reduced blow out risk at high loads and high speeds. Superior puncture resistance and better tracking.

Only 10% tongue weight

Easy maneuverability

Stand-Up™ and store away!

C. Cowan writes: "After three long days of searching and disbelief of how much trailer hitches cost, I stumbled upon your website. I entered my information in the hitch finder program and I instantly saw the cost that came up. No, that couldn't be right, I thought to myself, that's too cheap and FREE SHIPPING TOO! So I backed up to the home page and started over, but same results. Still in shock with disbelief, I shut down the computer and went to bed, thinking I must be tired or something. The following day, I tried it again ... same thing! With hesitancy, I placed my order for the items, thinking to myself these can't be the right parts. About a week later, I received the items. That weekend, my father-in-law and I installed the hitch. It took us two hours (including prep and clean-up) to install it and I've got to say it fits like a glove. I also have to mention that my father-in-law could not believe that the hitch is made in the USA, being as cheap as it was. I will not hesitate to tell anyone where I purchased my hitch. Mater-a-fact, I've already told almost everyone I work with about your website. I am glad I bought my trailer hitch at RedTrailers.com ... it saved me money!"

R. Kanzler of Mesa, AZ writes: "Your trailer is the answer to my needs! ... I will not buy any other trailer except yours ... This trailer is the best I have seen yet!"

Model BB207 price — US$2,720.55

Shipping costs for this trailer vary widely, depending on destination. Before ordering this trailer, you must contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

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